Zawór kulowy ZKU-Ga

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Zawór kulowy ZKU-Ga

Additional equipment

  • limit switches indicating the "open-closed" position 
  • drain valve 
  • lockable handle
  • with the possibility to change the installation 
  • fire-protected version 
  • antistatic


  • threaded connection 
  • light variety 
  • floating ball 
  • full bore 
  • operating temperature range as per chart for PTFE and PEEK seals 
  • reinforced stem seal


  • Chemically aggressive media, hot water and steam, hazardous solvents and thinners, concentrated acids, high temperature media

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  • threads made according to the PN-ISO 7-1, PN/M-02030 standard or according to the order 
  • requirements for ball valves according to PN-EN 1983 
  • fittings testing according to the PN-EN 12266-1 
  • tightness class 
  • building length according to PN-EN 558 
  • quality certificate type 3.1 according to PN-EN 10204 
  • declaration of compliance according to PN-ISO 17050-1 on request